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Shared Folder not accessible

Thread needs solution
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i installed the access on virtual machine - WS2008, i followed the steps in the documentation.
i skipped the LDAP part as i want to test it without LDAP.
after i finish the installation, i opened the Configuration Utility and check the Server, Gate way & file rep settings.

now when i open the access ( using normal user ) through the web https://x.x.x.x:3000 i can only see the Acronis Access Server folder, then as admin i created new folder in order to share it with others but i cant see it when i open from the mobile or from another pc, i can only see the Acronis Access Server.

in Data Sources tab in Mobile access ( attached pic ) there is " Assign This Folder to a User or Group " section. when i search for the user i created i cant find it. do i need LDAP to make it work !

and how to make the shared folder accessible to all users !?

thanks alot,

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Hi Ivan!

Sync & Share vs Mobile Access

1. The Access Mobile Client provides iOS and Android devices with access to files located on Windows file servers as well as 'network reshare' access to SMB/CIFS compatible file servers, SharePoint repositories and Acronis Access Sync & Share volumes:

Note: "Data Sources" in "Mobile Access" are designed to be accessed from mobile applications only and they cannot be reached out by desktop or web clients in Acronis Access 6. You can create data sources for mobile devices that provide access to an Sync & Share server but you cannot use desktop or web clients to access data sources for mobile devices now. You can only manage them in the administration web-console.

However, In Acronis Access 7.0 which will be released today we’re adding the ability to access our “Mobile Access” data sources from the web browser client.

The Acronis Access Server's functionality can roughly be split up into two main categories: Mobile Access and Sync & Share. Acronis Access's Mobile Access functionality enables Enterprise IT to provide simple, secure and managed access to enterprise file servers, SharePoint and NAS devices for mobile device users. Acronis Access's Sync & Share functionality is the File Sharing and Syncing solution that gives Enterprise IT control over who has access to files and lets IT determine whether file-sharing activities meet the compliance and security requirements of their organization.

These 2 parts of one program are quite independent. The Access Server provides the web user interface for Sync & Share clients, and is also the administration console for both Mobile Access and Sync & Share while the Gateway Server is used by mobile clients only to access both files and shares from the data sources.


Gateway server must be on a domain joined machine. When the Gateway server is not a part of the domain, it will work fine for Sync & Share data sources using domain accounts and for server local accounts for local shares. However, the data source (a shared folder from a different machine that is a member of AD) won't be accessed and the management feature for mobile access will fail either (no policies without being bound).

So, Mobile Access can work without AD, but you can’t use management policies, which are based on AD. But if you don’t need policies you could still authenticate to local Windows accounts and ad hoc Sync & Share accounts. You can create data sources without AD but you won’t be able to enroll, which would mean using policies.

Please note that you can submit your support requests related to Mobility products at If it is a proof-of-concept or trial question, you can can initiate your request for our sales engineers by filling out the following web-form