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User locked due to inactivity?

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We have a user who uses Acronis Access very infrequently, and has been locked out due to inactivity.  We've extended our lockout window quite a bit, but I'm unsure how to unlock a user whose device is already in the locked state.  Can I do this manually from the admin panel somehow?


The manual specifies that: Locked clients will automatically unlock in the event that they later contact the server successfully.

How does that happen if the user can't log in on the device?  Are they supposed to log in via the Web UI and their devices will unlock?

Thanks for the input.

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Trevor, there is nothing to be done from the admin console or user's web UI. The mobile client will attempt to make a connection to the server in the background upon launch. If there is proper connectivity it should unlock. If it's not, something is going wrong - it's possible the user's password has changed or there isn't a route to the server for some reason.

If the password has changed, unfortunately, the only solution is to change it back to what it was when the user last used the client - we don't prompt for a new password when the application is locked for security purposes.