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Thread needs solution
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Do we know if the new version of Access has a windows client that can support a Windows Shared Folder.

Ideally I want to have my users redirected my documents accessible in Access Client which will then sync with the DATA server.



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Hello Matt,

welcome to our forum!

I’m afraid that I don’t fully understand the question. Can you please provide more details on your environment and the desired scenario?

Thank you.

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Matt, specific details would be indeed very helpful. It's just not clear if you are asking if you can designate a share folder mounted on your desktop as your sync folder (the answer is no) or if you want to provision an existing windows share as a data source through the Access server and have it be available through the desktop client (the answer is no for now, but you can make this available through the web interface and we plan to do the same for the desktop clients in one the next releases by the end of the year).

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i think that the User want to share a Folder on a Server or Networkshare to the Windowsclient.
That is the same question i have. How can i syncronise a Networkshare to the Windows-Client?
Is this possible or only the sync n share Folder ?


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Hi Dimitrios!

I believe you want to sync SMB shares to your desktop. It is scheduled to be introduced in one of the next official releases by the end of the year (probably in just a few weeks). However, until it is being tested, I would prefer not to promise any ETA to you, since we could always hit some sort of an issue that prevents us from implementing it this year.

Thanks for your understanding in advance!