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Work from SD Card?

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Is there a way to move Acronis Access to the SD card on an Android device and work from there (or at least store the data files there)?  My Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 w/ S-Pen) has very little internal storage and I'd like to be able to automatically sync documents over to it to keep the latest on the tablet, don't have the space in internal storage and cannot find a way to get Acronis to save files to the storage card.  Thx!

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GD, this is not something we've tested internally, but if your device and software allow one of the methods outlined at to work, there is no reason to believe our application will not work properly. We store all of our data with the application and do not care what type of storage it is as long as the operating system handles this "feature" properly, which seems to vary from device to device and OS to OS, and is the reason we cannot give you a clear answer.