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Adobe files disappearing from NAS using Mavericks and Yosemite

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We are having issues with CS5 and CS6 files when saving to our NAS. We have had the issue with EMC Celerra storage using ExtremeZ-IP on Windows Server 2008 R2. We just tested using Access Connect running on Windows Server 2012 R2 and the NAS shares are on EMC VNX storage array and the same problem occurs. If we do a normal save of a PSD file we get an "access not granted" error and the file disappears! We are trying to get Acronis support to investigate but hoping another user or group has experienced the problem and has uncovered the cure. Suggestions?

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Most of time errors like “access not granted”, “file in use”, “you don’t have permission to rename the item”, “file is locked for editing” have place to be because there is a file in the folder that the Mac, or another connected Mac, considers to be open. Because the file is being accessed by its path, the folder name in the path cannot be changed while there is an open file in it or any of its children.

There are several possible reasons that a file may be considered open:

• A file may just be open by the affected user or another user. You may be able to spot an open file through the Files window in the Acronis Access Connect Administrator. Note that the Acronis Access Connect Administrator only reflects users connected through AFP.

• The file causing the issue may actually be closed at the time of the problem, from a user’s perspective. However, it can take 20-30 seconds or so for some Mac applications to release a lock on a file. This can be the cause of problems that seem to go away when you try to reproduce them.

• The Mac Finder tries to build previews of files, which can cause problems where someone else just browsing through the folder can prevent another user from renaming it. Turning off previews in the Finder can help to avoid that issue.

Read the PERMISSIONS section of this Knowledge Base article:
(especially the question – “What should I do about a problem saving documents? “ )

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Also, I would strongly encourage you to run the latest version 10.0.1x113 since you are also running the latest versions of Mac OS X. To upgrade, download and run the installer. Existing settings will be preserved. Mac clients will be disconnected for a few minutes during the installation. Windows users won't be impacted and there's no need to reboot.

You can read all about it here:

What's new in versions 10.0+…

Additional info about different versions:
Version 10.x is the first stable build for Yosemite clients.
Version 9.x will likely crash and hit known issues fixed in version Yosemite.
Version 8.x predates the release of Yosemite and was therefore never put through testing.

We create versions around Mac OS updates – so it’s fairly important to keep our software updated if you are also updating your Mac clients.