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Search within .xmp files possible?

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Currently our studio tags their images files (jpg, tiff, and raw) with metadata. The metadata is stored in .xmp sidecar files. These files reside on a Windows Server that runs Acronis Access Connect so they can search the files using their Macs. They would like to be able to search for the metadat that is contained within those .xmp files but currently it doesn't work. Is there a way to make Acronis Access Connect index the data that is within those .xmp files so when they did a search for one of the metadata words it will pull up the relevant .xmp files? Thanks!

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If you are using Acronis Content Indexing, you need to change the index type to "Content & Filename" for that (this setting can be adjust on a per-volume basis). Please note that "Content & Filename" indexes can be 30-40% of the size of your data and it can take days to build the initial index. "Filename Only" indexes are smaller and it takes less time to build them.

Feel free to review the following KB article which covers most of the search and indexing related topics:

Acronis Access Connect: Search and Indexing FAQ