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When running these commands is the "targetservername" the name of the server set inside of Access Connect?

- setspn -a afpserver/ targetservername 
- setspn -a afpserver/servername targetservername

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setspn is not the part of Access Connect. However, you may require to run these commands if you are going to use Kerberos logons which provides support for single sign-on to your network resources. For the Mac to get a Kerberos ticket via AFP you need both a long and a short SPN. You can use the setspn command with the "-l" switch to list:

You should see two lines for "afpserver/" (long and short):
- afpserver/
- afpserver/servername

Please refer to the Microsoft KB for more details about the syntax (see: "Adding SPNs").


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I need to use kerberos, thus the reason I asked this question. You're answer is a direct copy and paste out of the documentation I've already found which doesn't answer the question I asked.

I have my Macs bound to my AD so I need them to use kerberos for Acronis so they don't have to authenticate everytime or clutter/confuse their keychain with unneeded passwords.