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Will installation of Extereme Z-IP affect my SMB connections?

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After downloading ExtremeZ-IP, the software is working correctly but my question is, if I purchase a 3-client version license, will that limit the amount of SMB connections I can use??

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Hi Liam,

ExtremeZ-IP works with AFP only and has no effect on SMB connections.

Mac clients will be able to connect via AFP if ExtremeZ-IP is installed and volumes are defined.

(to connect via AFP. "Go -> Connect to Server" and enter: afp://servername)

Mac clients can connect via SMB as well (we don't change that) as longs as SMB shares are defined.

(to use SMB. "Go -> Connect to Server" and enter: smb://servername)

However, it's not recommended for a Mac client to connect to the same volume using both AFP and SMB at the same times as the Finder can get confused. If you really need to switch back and forth, then you should dismount the SMB volume before connecting via AFP (and vice versa).

Thank you.