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Acronis access sync error 500 - how to diagnose / resolve ?

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Hi - error 500 while trying to sync - local client on macbook OSX 10.14.1,

How can this be diagnosed / resolved ? Thanks for  the help.

Connection log :

DEBUG: Client initialized (version = 8.0.0x195, server endpoint = https://siteaddress, acceptSelfSigned = 1, device name = XX
, user name = NAME, authenticate_via_sso = False)
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Transport is curl
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Curl version: libcurl/7.43.0 SecureTransport zlib/1.2.11
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Magic number: ZZZ
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Using language 'fr'
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Using 'utf-8' encoding
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Initializing checksum generator
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Server version is 8.0.0x286
2018/12/02 19:31:49 DEBUG: Initializing push notification client
2018/12/02 19:31:49 IDLE: Initializing...
2018/12/02 19:31:51 DEBUG: Push notification response: {"command":"call_get_updated_nodes"}
2018/12/02 19:31:52 UPLOAD: Creating "/Users/file name
2018/12/02 19:31:52 ERROR: Internal server error ({"status":"500","error":"Internal Server Error"}) Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "../", line 1805, in Sync
  File "../", line 1261, in SyncUp
  File "../", line 597, in Create
  File "../restclient/", line 298, in post
  File "../restclient/", line 451, in request
RequestFailed: {"status":"500","error":"Internal Server Error"}

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>> Internal Server Error

>> Server version is 8.0.0x286

As you may see, the error comes from the server. As it turns out, desktop client logs won't give any real clues on what is going on on the server when these internal errors occur. Since you are running an old version, your first next step would be to upgrade your server to the latest 8.1.1 version.

The latest official release versions of Acronis Files Advanced are available here. All server installer downloads will require confirmation of ownership with your serial number. Upgrade instructions can be found here.

If the issue still persists, feel free to create a support ticket on our web-site. We will need to review the server logs then.