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External User Authentication Issues (Mobile App)

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We recently ran into an issue where external users cannot log into the Mobile App (iOS and Android). It says their credentials are invalid. LDAP users can login to the app just fine. Both LDAP and external users can log into the website. Any ideas? We just updated our server to the latest version of Acronis (issue was happening before, and continues).


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Hello Ken,

thank you for your posting! I've found a similar ticket in our internal system where the external users were getting the error message "username or password is incorrect". However, if you use an internal user account to connect, it works well. According to the information in the ticket, the described behaviour is expected when enrolling external users into the management. This cannot be done since these users have to be part of your domain. However, if you would like to access from within mobile apps Sync & Share data sources (this won't work for other types of data sources), you can connect directly to the Gateway server.

When you enter the Access server address and Username/Password of an external user (it does not matter ad-hoc or licensed) in the mobile app, you will be prompted with "Incorrect username or password", so please enter the address for the Gateway server instead and compare the difference.

If the issue still persists, please open a support ticket, so that our engineers can look into the situation and help.