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clone Windows 8 to go + bitlocker pendrive

Thread needs solution
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is it possible clone windows 8 to go pendrive (with and without bitlocker) with acronis backup & recovery 11.5?

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I,ve never user B&R to clone a Flash drive, so I don't know it is possible, PassMark's ImageUSB can clone USB Flash drives.

I have not used it to clone a Windows 8 Windows To Go drive (yet), but it should work okay.

Whatever size your source Flash drive is, the target Flash drive will end up with the same capacity after running this utility. For example, if your source Flash drive is 4GB and you clone it to an 8GB Flash drive, it will only report that it is a 4GB Flash drive until cleaned using DISKPART or another utility.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
I'll try with passmark's usb imageusb

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Yeah, just in case anyone else is "scouring" the Internet trying find a backup solution for "Windows To Go". Just know that this DOES NOT work.

It seems MOST people online commenting about Windows To Go have never used it, but unfortunately Microsoft keeps marketing how you DO NOT backup/restore a WTG drive, because you just create a new one as ALL YOUR DATA should be in roaming profiles, other removable storage, or in the cloud. This is complete BS and why not have a permanent "mobile desktop" with Acronis or some other imaging software?

I have tried the following and they ALL fail:

  • Acronis 11.5 Workstation
  • USB Image Tool
  • Passmark ImageUSB

The problem is that Windows does not "see" the USB Flash/SSD Drive although you can see it in "Computer Management", but all these utilities are being "blocked" by Windows so they need to find a way to circumvent this. Finally, Acronis does not even install onto a "Windows To Go" drive, because for some reason the "Acronis Managed Machine Service" is being removed from the system automagically after install OR it is not installing even though Windows reports that Acronis installed properly. I suspect Microsoft has created some new "rules" within the system to block ALL backup attempts, so people need to start actually looking for ways to create a Backup Solution for Windows To Go, because I spent a WEEK - Yes, a WEEK - customizing my desktop, wallpapers, shortcuts, etc but come to find that if my drive blows up, I LOSE EVERYTHING.

Yeah, you can "cloud" your spreadsheets, documents, etc but how do you recover all your desktop settings, registry tweaks, ssh key shortcuts, and the MILLION other enhancements you made to your machine that are NOT covered by migration tools. Acronis needs to get to WORK but if someone has found a solution then please let me know if I am wrong, but please DO IT before saying it works...



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Ok Acronis, I love you again... :P

Anyway, it seems NONE of the other options work, but I was basically just using my "Windows To Go" drive and my old laptop was still running Windows 7, so I was attempting to run Acronis 11.5 Workstation off the WTG drive itself. This does NOT work and I even tried to use Acronis 11.5 Workstation on my laptop to try and back up the WTG disk, but it does not "see" the disk so then I thought maybe it is not "backward compatible" and I have to install Windows 8 on a physical machine.

So I went ahead and installed Acronis 11.5 Workstation on my new Windows 8 machine and then connected the WTG Drive to that machine and then basically did a backup of DISK 2 (basically USB connected drive). I did not pick folders, volumes, etc but rather the entire disk since I did not want to have to do another test and I can always use Disk Director to resize partitions if it worked, so after the backup I basically restored onto ANOTHER blank USB drive that I had. Yes, I got the whole warning about external disk being GPT (UEFI) and the current disk being MBR (BIOS), but I tried it anyway and guess what? IT WORKED...

I guess I never paid attention to the whole BIOS vs UEFI discussion and all my machines were being installed in BIOS mode, so you can go about "hacking" your installation from BIOS to UEFI or just make sure you install your machine in UEFI mode to begin with. I do not know if it matters in the end, because I was able to backup my WTG using a Windows 8 machine running Acronis Workstation in BIOS mode, so I do not care and now I have a way to backup my WTG drive.

Thank You Acronis and just say you planned it that way... 



I am not using USB Flash Drives, because they get EXTREMELY HOT and instead am using SSD Drives in USB 3.0 enclosures, so they are extremely fast and run cooler because I can GUARANTEE you that your USB Flash Drive is going to FRY!!!

Plus, this solution is kind of KLUNKY because you basically have a "dummy" Windows 8 machines that you have to plug into to make a backup, but hopefully this will provide some measure of security until Acronis and others come up with integrated solutions... :)