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Acronis 11.7 agent installation error (licensing problem of management server)

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My client wants to install Acronis 11.7 agent.
My client entered the IP of the management server on the screen to specify the license server.

And the following message is displayed and the screen does not go to the next screen.
"Failed to connect to the remote machine's license server with the specified ip address (name)."

The communication status between the management server and the agent device is as follows.
Firewall: all open
Ping: good communication
Enter each other's IP and host name in both hosts file

In my opinion, communication between the management server and the agent device seems to be fine.

I am wondering what the problem is and how to fix it.

Thank you.

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Hello Lemoning,

please check out solutions from the article 25963: Acronis Backup Advanced Errors Out with "Invalid Address Was Specified" (pay attention to the Step 3)

If the issue persists, please look at the suggested listed in 10241: Acronis Backup Advanced: Remote Connection Errors Out with 0x00AD0003 and 46820: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7: Connection to Remote Components Fails (the most comprehensive article)

Try adding machine to AMS from the agent's side as well - follow this article Adding Machine to AMS when connected to agent