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Acronis Backup 11.7 (50230) stopped at starting device administration with SAS/SATA controller

Thread needs solution
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Dear forum, I need your help,

I'm fully happy with ABR 11.7 (50230) under XP SP3. I upgraded to a 2TB SATA  drive via 1405 Adaptec Controller, latest driver and whenever I enter the device adminstation (provided by Acronis Disk Director)  it says "Loading..." and process hangs, mouse stops - silent, no warnings. Then I have to reboot.

- Problem do not occurs for onboard SATA devices

- OS, all tools and Acronis Disk Director 11 have no problems with the device(s) via the controller

- Seems, from the process monitoring, the DiskmanagePage.dll has problems gathering device information.

Any idea what I can do ? May be somebody know a controller which does not show this behavior.



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