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Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7 installation failed on Windows Server 2019

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I'm trying to install Backup Advanced 11.7 on my Windows Server 2019 but I'm receiving the following error during the SQL Server 2008 Express installation.

Code: 06442528
Tag row: 0x8385a2fadaee667f
Message: Internal Error
Event code: 0x00624E20 

Did any of you already experienced this issue?


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Hello Marco Merati,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Unfortunately, Windows Server 2019 is not in the list of supported operating systems for Acronis Backup 11.7.

Thus, we recommend that you try Acronis Backup 12.5 which officially supports Windows Server 2019 for Agents and Management Server installation.

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Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7 runs with MS Server 2019, it's just "not supportet".

Before starting the Acronis installation:

- install MS SQL-Server 2019 Express
- Instance-Name: ACRONIS

after finishing the SQL 2019 installation, restart the Acronis installation and it works.

best regards