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Acronis fails to recover files

Thread needs solution
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Recently, Acronis 11.7 failed to receiver files with the errror message headed;


"Failed to get information about the backuos"

Unknown error
    Code: 10,551,499(0x00A100CB)
<u>LineInfo:</u> 0xB320396ADFE3BAC;

    Module: disk_bundle_vs_50230
    Message: Failed to get information about the backups.

    Code: 10,551,302(0x00A10006)
<u>LineInfo:</u> 0xA0F87A51D6F9CD84;

    Module: disk_bundle_vs_50230
    Message: Cannot find a backup with key 'E32D8F58-3ADD-4CF8-BC38-12801C718E34'.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Acronis Forum Engineer
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Hello Chris! 

Thanks for commenting.

This error message suggests that Acronis Backup 11.7 is having trouble retrieving information about a backup file with the key 'E32D8F58-3ADD-4CF8-BC38-12801C718E34'. Here are a few suggestions to try and resolve this issue:

  1. Check that the backup file still exists: Ensure that the backup file with the given key is still available in the backup location specified by the backup plan.

  2. Make sure the recovery point exists, it's advisable to refresh the vault manually before recovery ( can happen the recovery point was deleted by the retention rules but still visible in the console ).

  3. Restart the Acronis services: Restarting the Acronis services on the affected machine may help to resolve this issue. To do this, open the Services console (services.msc) and restart the Acronis services.

  4. Re-register the backup location: Try re-registering the backup location by going to Backup Locations > Register > Network Location and entering the required details.

If the issue persists, feel free to contact our support, the error reported is generic and can be caused by many factors so certain troubleshooting steps and logs are needed . 

Thanks in advance.