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Create a Bootable Media on USB drive

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Had a world of trouble creating a Bootable Media with the latest Acronis Cyber Protect after issues with our old True Image 19. I added the Acronis Cyber Protect as an On Premise install. Tried to follow the documentation , but found it lacking and was only able to create a Recovery (no backup option) ISO burned to a CD as it also had no way to burn it to an external drive.(Third party ISO burners suggested also did not work.) After some back and forth, Acronis Support did get me the info that helped me create a Booteable Media.

On your PC that the On Prem software is loaded on, use Windows Search and look for Acronis Media Builder.My PC found it and was able to run it and it got to the point where you can select the second choice "I will specify the key(s) manually" You will have to log into the Acronis Website and log into your Account.Under Products I had to click on the computer icon on the left side with the number of devices. This opened a page where I could go to My Account (This was just before I activated the license and the account page looked different and had a My Products & Downloads  and had a Show all Serials. I clicked on the new product and it opened as text file which I saved.(This page was no longer available once my product was activated, possibly due to having a subscription license. There are notices to contact support for those serials in the documentation)

I copied the serial text into to "I will specify the key(s) manually" and was able to create the Bootable Media on a USB drive and it worked copying a new drive. I cannot access the My Account page after activating my PC's license. Very cumbersome process.

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