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IMAGE MOUNT PROBLEM v11.5 - Event code: 0x00C40005+0x00070004+0x0

Thread needs solution
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Hey Dear,
I've a big problemt. How i can mount image?
I wrong error after the mount image.




Code: 12.845.061(0x00C40005)
LineInfo: 0xFC28F0B681003C7D;

Module: disk_bundle_vs_37687
Message: Failed to execute the TrueImageMount command '{0}'.

Code: 458.756(0x00070004)
LineInfo: 0x2CBDD167CBCA9523;

Module: disk_bundle_vs_37687
Message: Write error.

Code: 458.755(0x00070003)
LineInfo: 0x79ECFCC144D04976;

Module: disk_bundle_vs_37687
Message: Read error.

Code: 262.161(0x00040011)
LineInfo: 0xF35F747B3B21F7DA;

Module: disk_bundle_vs_37687
Message: The specified file does not exist.

Code: 65.520(0x0000FFF0)
LineInfo: 0xBD28FDBD64EDB8E0;

Module: disk_bundle_vs_37687
Message: The system cannot find the file

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Hello YAVUZ B,

welcome to Acronis forums! Have you tried using the same backup for recovery? Does it open? Is it a full backup or an incremental\differential one? If you validate this backup, does the validation task succeed?