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My Acronis 11.7 full restore stopped recognizing local external drives.

Thread needs solution
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I do full disk image backups with Acronis 11.7 weekly and store them all. From time to time have a need to refer to old backup and restore it.

My disk restore stopped recognizing any external drives (local backup drives) therefore I can 't restore. Same problem on my other backup machine.

What could be the problem?

Backing up works.  Thank you


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Hello Dana!

Thank you for posting on Acronis forums.

My disk restore stopped recognizing any external drives

Do you mean Acronis Bootable Media that can't detect external drives?

Are these drives new or previously used and successfully recognized external drives?

The most possible reason is that the old Acronis Bootable Media for Acrois Backup 11.7 (Acronis announced the End of Support of Acronis Backup 11.7 as of May 31, 2019) simply does not include new drivers for new external drives.

In this case we recommend either creating WinPE-based bootable media or downloading for testing the Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 ISO for bootable media (please note that this media will not allow creating backups and does not contain Acronis Universal Restore).


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Thank you Maria!

Yes same bootable media was used on the same computer with same hardware successfully in previous times. If the problem as you describe exist it must be due to Win10 or Dell updating drivers.

Now question: we do have a version 12.5 but never used it. We liked the 11.7 too much to switch. Before installing the new version12.5 like to know will the 12.5 version restore 11.7 backups?

Thank you for your help. Dana


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Hello Dana,

sure, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 is backwards compatible with almost all prior versions, please refer to 1689: Backup archive compatibility across different product versions

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Hello Ekaterina,

Thank you for the link and info. We used the 12.5 bootable media (CD) however the result has not improved much. The system now sees additional drive F:\ however it says there are no backups there - enclosing picture. I do not think it is the actual drive but a virtual drive on the computer. In which case the external drive E: is still not being recognized. Just to make sure the system did not have problem looking through backup directories, we pulled the actual backup files to E:\  from one of the directories.

Made a new Boot disk from version 15. Real problem It Read the backup files but placed them as a drive C:\ when I stopped the program to make new update the disk was corrupted all my backups that were on the disk are gone an disk must be reformated. enclosed picture #2 Tested all disks with backups I was trying out with the boot disk. now going back they all have problems, some not completely corrupted just need repair. Something on the boot disk is messing with the external drives.

I used Acronis since 2009 this is first time I have encountered such irregularity. Using Dell Precision 7510 and migrating into Precision 7750 (not tested yet).

Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated Thank you!








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In the process of trying to restore, got few wake up calls. Such as corrupted files and disks.
First to declare.
Version 11.7 backup part works fine.
It is the restore that is having problem.
This is what I found.
The Version 11.7 or 12.5 bootable media disk did not work. It would not recognize external drives.
I did make version 15 bootable disk.
In order to load I have to reformate my external drive with NTSC format. (exFAT does not work)
Nor did the NTSC format the disk came with.
Then I do backup on the reformated drive.
At this point the bootable media Version 15 was able to recognize the external E drive.
Not certain why this started happening. Any thoughts?
Thank you
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Hello Dana,

sorry to know about the ongoing issues! You may want trying a WinPE-based bootable media here as well, which usually provides a better compatibility across different hardware.