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Thread needs solution
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This problem started for a quite a while time ago.

While running back up plan any task could run into situation when it fails to lock the file.
In this case Acronis engine comes up with the message box "Failed to lock the file, please Retry or Cancel", and waits(!!!!!!) for response, and if I do no check it on the daily or even hourly basis it hangs and get all backup plans followed by this failed task postponed, possibly for any time till I check it manually (!).

The question is what kind of back up server is it, if it does not time out own message boxes and going ahead by itself? Server must have the watchdog and know how many backup plans is scheduled, scan hanging tasks and exactly in the way operating system scheduler does it.

Is there any way to set these boxes to get timed out? I was out for some business, came back and found office was not backed up for two weeks now.



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Any thoughts? Because it just happened gain. Same thing happens when disk is running out of space. Error handling in settings does not help because it does not stipulate breaking the dead loop and waiting for operator response.


Any help?

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Hello StingerAlex,

thank you for your posting! Could you share more details on what data is being backed up? If the selected data in question is a network share then the behavior is expected, please refer to Shares are always backed up on a file level and In case of a file-level backup snapshot is not created, which means that files in use will not be backed up. Hence it's recommend to schedule backup for the time when files on a share are not in use.
Next I'd suggest checking out the article

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Thank you!

I am backing up Volume, i.e. disk. When I  backup just the data folder it never runs in this situation. Nothing helps, and it is a kill to the whole backup procedure. Back up must not cause the hanging, if it cannot write the image ontothe  disk it should go ahead to the next task marking the previous one as an Error. I have noticed that this Error box always comes up in the very end of the task when Acronis tries to finalize backup, writing .TIB file onto the external USB drive and fails  to lock the file. When I answer "Retry" it almost immediately is done.