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Trouble booting Win7 MBR/Bios image backed up on UEFI system.

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Source HDD is Windows 7 MBR. I removed the drive and backed up on a Windows 10 UEFI PC using a dock. When I restore to a new SSD using the same dock, I cant get it to boot on the legacy system. I did restore MBR from backup. I get a 00000e9 Stop error. Any ideas? Maybe a bootloader problem?

Using Acronis Backup 11.7

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Hello Eva,

thank you for your posting! Please check out the articles Error Code 0xc00000e9: What It Means and How to Fix It and Recovering BIOS-based systems to UEFI-based and vice versa

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Thanks for the reply. My situation is a little different. I want to recover and restore a BIOS based system ON a UEFI based system using an external HDD dock. I was communicating on reddit with someone from Acronis on this topic. Again, it's a BIOS based system I want to restore but I backed up using a UEFI based system with the hard drive connected to a USB dock. I am going to try and backup the source on the BIOS system to see if it will make a difference. Thanks

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I sugest you clone the old HDD directly to the new SSD.... and pray :)


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Hello Eva,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

We recommend that you check if you followed these recommendations on restoring BIOS-based systems to UEFI-based: