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Unable to delete backup file

Thread needs solution
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I wanna free my disk and I check my Vaults and choose the earlier backup file to delete, but it not work.

It's a long time issue troubled me, the most amazing thing is my shift colleague can delete backups successfully.

The log told me I cannot access to the file, but I check my permissions are full control, I can delete and create files in that folder.

The Log Entry Details display like this:


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Hello Raffaello Yu.

Thanks you for contacting.

The error message "Access is denied" when trying to delete backups in Acronis backup 11.7 may occur due to several reasons, including:

  1. Insufficient permissions: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to delete the backups. You may need to log in on your machine as an administrator or a user with sufficient permissions to delete files. (You mentioned you have them, but I suggest to double check as precaution) 

  2. Backup is in use: If the backup is currently being used by a running process or application, you may not be able to delete it. Ensure that all processes and applications that are using the backup are closed before attempting to delete it.

  3. File system errors: If the file system containing the backup files is corrupted or has errors, you may encounter issues when trying to delete the backups. In this case, you may need to run a disk check or repair utility to fix any issues with the file system.

If you need additional support regarding this topic I would suggest you to contact our support: .

Hope this information helps.