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ABR 11.7 50222, Management Server fails to re-install

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I have a ABR 11.7 install running under Server 2016 that I manage and something recently happened to the Management Server process which was missing from the services window. Through a series of events and reading Acronis KBAs I was able to get the Management Server removed by using the Microsoft Troubleshooting tool. Now that I have it removed I have been trying to get it reinstalled, but it's throwing an error that I can not get past.

From what I have been able to get from the MSI log on line 1576 is "1: CommonPrepn: failed to detect ams user name."

I'm logged in as the service user that AMS is running under so I know the account is valid and it has other AMS services tied to it also.

I found a Acronis KBA that talked about going through the reg and deleting the reg entries for the management server that were left over. I found one key that was removed so the installer does think the Management server does need to be installed.

Attached is the clean MSI install log for the Management Server.

Any suggestions?

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Hello Michael,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Please follow the recommendations in this KB article:

Here are the codes that you'll need to use as in the article's examples (extracted from your MSI log):