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Acronis Agent User

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We have several machines with Acronis Backup 11.7 agent installed for use with Kaseya. In the services MMC, we can see the Acronis Managed Machine Service service which is logging on as .\Acronis Agent User.

When we search Active Directory though, we cannot find this account anywhere. How is it authenticating to log on as a service? Is the Acronis Agent User name an alias? If yes, for what?

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Acronis Program Manager
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"Acronis Agent User" is a local account on the machine and therefore it's not present in AD. It is created when you install the agent with default settings and is automatically granted with required privileges in Local Security Policies ("Log on as a service" and others) + there is random password generated for this account. If you have some group policies applied from AD which restrict modification of Local Security Policies on the machines, then you can re-install the Agent and specify some existing dedicated AD user account to run the Acronis Managed Machine Service under it.

Thank you.