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Acronis Backup 11.7 Replicating Jobs Where It's Not Configured To Go

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I'm seeing some very odd behavior with my setup Here's what I have:



(A) Large Disk-Based Centralized Vault

(B, C, D, and E) 4 Separate Weekly Vaults - Full Backups Get Replicated Here from A

(F) Large Monthly Vault Full Backups Get Replicated Here from B, C, D, or E


Backup Jobs:

All Backups Target A. I have Full backup jobs that are set up to replicate to B-F. There are separate Differential jobs that are set up to only go to A and are not set up to replicate anywhere.


What I'm seeing is Differential backups showing up in B-F when only Full backups are supposed to replicate. The result of this is that the Disks allocated for B-F are filling up, causing the weekly jobs to fail due to full disks. The disk F (which is supposed to only contain full backups), is supposed to be ejected when full and taken as our offsite backup. It is also getting differential backups copied to it, making it fill up too quickly as well.

I initially thought that it might be something caused by the fact that I was cloning backup jobs and then modifying them, so I created new Diff jobs from scratch, but replication is still occurring. Is replication set up somewhere other than in the backup jobs?

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Another odd thing is that I set up the jobs to delete backups older than 14 days before running the backup, but nothing is being deleted, apparently, as I'm seeing backups that are 6 weeks old.

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Hello Scott,

thanks for posting on Acronis forums!

Setting up replication of backups is available when creating a backup plan.

It is hard to say why your differential backups get replicated with full one: perhaps, you set replication for the whole backup archive - a set of backups created and managed by a backup plan (an archive can contain multiple full backups as well as incremental and differential backups). 

I suggest that you take a screenshot of all your backup plans (as a list), export each of them and share it here so that we can analyze them.