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Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF4 is available!

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Hello Everyone,

this is to inform you about Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF4 release.

  • North America edition – 50256
  • Maintenance build – 50088

Improvements added in HF4:

  • Support for new operating systems:
    • Windows Storage Server 2016
    • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition
    • Linux kernel versions 4.6-4.14
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 and 7.4
    • Oracle Linux 7.3 and 7.4
    • CentOS 7.2-7.4
    • Debian 8.6
    • Fedora 25-27
  • Support for new virtualization platforms:
    • Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) 4.0
    • VMware vSphere 6.5
    • Citrix XenServer 7
  • 64-bit Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance). The agent is designed for VMware vSphere 6.5, is provided as a separate .msi file, and can be imported to an ESXi host as an OVF template.
  • Support for SMB2 and SMB3 in Agent for Linux, Linux-based bootable media, and Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance). In Windows, SMB2 and SMB3 are natively supported.

Issues fixed in Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF4:

  • [ABR-144209] Recovering a Hyper-V virtual machine fails. The following error appears: "Failed to prepare operations. Error code: 3 'Internal error: Script is inconsistent."
  • [ABR-144052] Recovering a virtual machine via the management console fails. The following error appears: "Unexpected server behavior".
  • [ABR-143804] Sometimes, recovering a virtual machine via acrocmd fails. The following error appears: "invalid usage of RestorePartitionChanges."
  • [ABR-142159] The systeminfo utility crashes on a physical server.
  • [ABR-141723] Sometimes, Acronis Managed Machine Service crashes in Microsoft Windows Server 2012.
  • [ABR-139983] Backing up a virtual machine to the first location fails if the second location is not available.
  • [ABR-138256] USB Attached SCSI Protocol is not supported by Linux-based bootable media.
  • [ABR-138090] Clicking the Browse button when extracting installation files hangs the setup program.
  • [ABR-136113] Recovering from a backup of a virtual machine with SAS disks creates a virtual machine with IDE disks.
  • [ABR-127009] Creating a managed vault without encryption and deduplication fails. The following errors appear: "Failed to add vault", "The vaults are not initialized yet. Please try again later after the storage node is completely initialized."
  • [ABR-124721] If the disk runs out of space when the metadata of archives stored in a managed vault is being updated after a backup, the entire archive is deleted.
  • [ABR-123778] Acronis Backup Management Server shows an incorrect operating system version for a managed machine running Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
  • [ABR-117878] Virtual machines from the same vCenter are not displayed in the Management Console if one of these virtual machines has an empty ID.
  • [ABR-113547] Sometimes, reindexing a vault cannot find an archive.
  • [ABR-111478] Backup to SFTP or validation of a backup stored on SFTP hangs in case of network issues.
  • [ABR-110106] Sending email notifications via Gmail fails on Windows 10. The following error appears: "Failed to connect to the mail server."
  • [ABR-108372] When backing up virtual machines to FTP, log files are not cleaned up.
  • [ABR-107264] Acronis Storage Node Service consumes too much memory.
  • [ABR-98818] Sending email notifications via Yahoo or AT&T SMTP (SSL + port 465) fails. The following error appears: "Failed to connect to the mail server."
  • [ABR-88455] In case of unstable network connection between Agent for VMware and the vCenter it manages, changes made in the vCenter (renaming a virtual machine, moving a machine to another host, etc.) are not reflected on the management server. As a result, operations with the affected virtual machines, like virtual machine binding, work incorrectly.
  • [ABR-65978, ABR-69047, ABR-119118] Under WinPE-based bootable media, Acronis Managed Machine Service crashes if a recovery is performed after a backup during the same session.

Updated release notes for NA build can be found here

Updated release notes for Maintenance build are available here

Note, that Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF4 won’t be available in RU localization. Existing Customers can continue using an older build 50058 or switch to EN version. In rare cases, Custom build is possible (contact Acronis support team). 

Thank you,

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