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Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF5 is available!

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Hello Everyone,

this is to inform you about Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF5 release.

- North America edition build 50420

- Maintenance build: 50230

Improvements added in HF5:

Support for new operating systems:

Astra Linux 1.5 Linux kernel version 4.15

Issues fixed in Acronis Backup 11.7 Update 1 HF5:

  • [ABR-177788] Windows ADK version 10.1.10586.0 is not detected by Acronis Bootable Media Builder while creating a WinPE bootable media.
  • [ABR-167550] "Guest OS" VMware VM configuration parameter is changed to "Other Linux" from "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (64-bit)" when recovering/converting a backup of RHEL 7 system to an ESXi host via Agent for VMware.
  • [ABR-166491] After Agent for Linux is installed in CentOS with UEFI, there are errors added to 'dmesg' every 20 minutes. Error: "session_unlockdev(mms,14160): No lock for device (800001) in session (ffff880416860000)".
  • [ABR-165887] Installation of Agent for Linux in CentOS 7 fails if there is a ZFS-formatted partition present in the system.
  • [ABR-165613] Acronis 'snapapi' module installation fails on Linux kernel version 4.15.
  • [ABR-165562] Bootable media with Japanese localization crashes when starting backup to a password-protected Acronis Secure Zone.
  • [ABR-163472] Backup plans do not start on schedule after the system time is switched to daylight saving time (DST).
  • [ABR-166491] After Agent for Linux is installed in CentOS with UEF, there are errors added to 'dmesg' every 20 minutes. Error: "session_unlockdev(mms,14160): No lock for device (800001) in session (ffff880416860000)".
  • [ABR-165562] Bootable media with Japanese localization crashes when starting backup to a password-protected Acronis Secure Zone.
  • [ABR-152008] VM recovery to Hyper-V 2016 host completes with "'vmmm' failed to add device 'Virtual CD/DVD Disk'" warning in some cases.
  • [ABR-151072] Backups saved to Acronis Storage Node may become corrupted or non-encrypted during consolidation if the first full backup was deleted from the chain (manually or automatically) and the archive was encrypted with the AES256 algorithm.
  • [ABR-150635] Recovery from encrypted backup fails with "The file is corrupted" error if the MD5 hash value of the password used for encryption ends with "00"
  • [ABR-150450] Deployment of Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) via OVF template fails when using ESXi 6.5 "host client" (used to manage standalone ESXi hosts) with "postNFCData failed: Capacity of uploaded disk is larger than requested" error.
  • [ABR-148911] Acronis MMS service crashes on Linux systems configured with "emcpower" multipath devices.
  • [ABR-147400] Backups of files/folders to tapes become slower with each incremental backup.
  • [ABR-137446] Reports contain time stamps of backup activities in the UTC time zone instead of using time zone settings from the management server.
  • [ABR-130864] Linux OS with LVM setup does not boot after recovery as VM via "acrocmd" if the backup was taken via Agent for Linux (P2V scenario).
  • [ABR-125288] Windows system restored to Dell PowerEdge R430 with PERC 130 RAID controller is unbootable even if correct drivers were provided during recovery.
  • [ABR-120011] Acronis Universal Restore fails to install specific drivers if the .inf files contain references to .sys files in non-matching upper/lower case, for example: the .inf file contains reference to "percsas3.sys", while the real file name is "PercSaS3.sys"
  • [ABR-118646] Backups replication from personal vault on local disk to a standalone tape drive fails with "Internal error: Backup archive information cannot be found in the database."
  • [ABR-117095] Incorrect vSphere guest OS property may be set for VMs created after recovery from physical machine backup (P2V scenario) if the original OS in the backup was CentOS 7 or Windows Server 2016/Windows 10.
  • [ABR-116983] Backup to SMB share performed by Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) may fail with "URI is empty" error in some cases.
  • [ABR-105287] Replication of files/folders backup archives between two Acronis Storage Node vaults based on network shares is slower than expected.
  • [ABR-88587] Bootable Media builder fails to create bootable media when specific Windows drivers are added to created media. Error: "Code: 262,158(0x0004000E)"

Updated release notes for NA build can be found here

Updated release notes for Maintenance build are available here

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Where we can download EXE-file with this update for Russian interface language?

In our Personal cabinet on we found only link to download ISO-file for for 50203 release.

Our current release is 50058.


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Addition: we can not find Russian version on Any other languages but not Russian! Why?

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I think i published somewhere that Acronis 11.7 stopped working on W11 22H2 a clean install.

It failen trying to load a driver:

"A driver cannot load on this device 
Driver: tib.sys
A security setting is preventing this driver from loding"

I had to disable disable Memory Integrity and also Smart App Control.