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Acronis server 11.7 - Backups will not start

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We've had an acronis server working well until about july 13. We noticed that most of the scheduled backups stopped executing. However, 1 scheduled backup still runs automatically or manually.

All VM's being backed up live on ESXi 5.0 hosts controlled by vCenter. There are two acronis appliances on two different hosts.

I've tried: task zap, restarting services, restarting server, rebuilding tasks, manual tasks, migrating vm's between the two hosts/appliances, and installing latest build of acronis scheduler/rebooting

When a backup is initiated nothing happens. The usual dialogue comes up but never gets to the point where I see the progress bar. Still, the one VM can get backed up but nothing else. Any suggestions? has anyone seen this before?


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Hello brusli bravo,

thank you for your posting! Did you check the operation log of an affected backup task? Are there any error messages? Additionally, I'd check the license assignment - are both hosts correctly licensed?