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Advanced Cloud Backup - SQL & AD not licensed

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Using Acronis Advanced 11.5 & 2TB cloud backup. Initial file backup has gone well, I can backup Exchange but I don't seem to be able to backup SQL db's or the AD - screen tells me not licensed?

My understanding that AA11.5 Cloud was an all encompassing product - no further licenses required?

"Simple installation and activation - You don’t need to purchase individual licenses to be activated on each device. Simply purchase one volume subscription for all your machines and activate it once."

Advise / comments would be appreciated.


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Hi Craig,

Sorry for the delayed answer!

Please take a look at this article and make sure that all requirements are met.

If the problem persists, could you please provide more information on your setup? What do you back up? Which agents are installed?

Also please attach screenshots of the warning that you receive.

Thank you