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Failed to add machine to AMS

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There was a problem adding machines to AMS, so please contact us

I want to add 11 machines including myself to one management server.

The management server itself was well done to add machines.

However, if all the remaining 10 attempts to add machines to AMS (or add a management server from an agent machine), the error message below is displayed and fails.

Module: mms_vs_50230
Message: Authentication failed.

Code: 21,430,290 (0x01470012)
Line information: 0xA76A04993E79386D;

Module: mms_vs_50230
Message: Failed to migrate data to license server.

Code: 13,238,285 (0x00CA000D)
Line information: 0xEC81F6265C058175;

Module: mms_vs_50230
Message: Failed to establish connection. Check the specified system address.

Additional confirmations are:
All these devices are in the same network.
Also, they are all inside the same firewall.
The installed Acronis version is Acronis build 11.7 50230.
9 out of 11 are Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 versions,
2 out of 11 are CentOS6 versions.

What is the problem and how do I fix this error?

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