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Failed to configure Backup to Cloud

Thread needs solution
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We using Acronis 12.5 Advanced Backup and want to test Backup to Cloud.
The First Step is to add new Backup device by using Cloud Storage and running into Error called: Error Refreshing recovery points.
A Test Job to the Cloud failed as well because hangs still on 0%.
I`ve installed the Cloud Verification Tool to see whats happen.
The Tool tells me that Port 7788 & 44445 failed to open (443 is o.k.).
So my Question why Acronis needs additional Application Ports, because i guess the most Company`s just having 443 open to the Internet for Security Reason.
Also is there any Way to use Cloud Backup just over HTTPS, or in other Words what exact is needed to run Backup into Cloud ?

The Acronis Manual says just login with your Acronis Account and activate Cloud Storage.

Now go into your Management Server, add Cloud Storage as a new Backup Device - that`s all. . .

There is no additional Information in the Manual to configure Ports or something like that.

Thanks !

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Hello Mario,

thank you for your posting! Please refer to, which provides information on the necessary ports.