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File exclusion is not supported. - Warning

Thread needs solution
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I received this warning for the first time ever when using Acronis Backup (Workstation) 11.7.50088

I am backing up a SATA III drive with two primary partitions which are formatted NTFS from Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

with BIOS control.

The Acronis Backup program is running from USB Flash drive with Windows 7 Pro 64 Win PE 3.0 with YUMI controlling the boot process. The USB Flash drive is USB 3 compatible but is being run in a USB 2 socket.

I have used this setup many many times before.

Is this warning just telling me that one of the files I listed to exclude is not present on the hard drive or is there something more sinister going on that might indicate a problem with my backup files?

I only excluded two files...

c:\pagefile.sys and c:\hiberfil.sys

I checked the hard drive and hiberfil.sys is not present on the hard drive but pagefile.sys definitely is.

Here is the full error message:


File exclusion is not supported.

Error code: 47

Module: 7

LineInfo: a5695862aaf8e7e3

Fields: volume: C:, fstype: NTFS, $module: disk_bundle_bartpe_vsa64_50088

Messge: File exclusion is not supported.


Any guidance you can offer is appreciated.

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Thank you for your posting! Currently, this warning is thrown in too many cases - if the is an unsupported file system detected on one of the volumes, or the format of exclusions is incorrect, when backing up specific file systems, such as ReFS even if there are no file exclusions specified in the backup plan. For now such warnings should be ignored - that's the only workaround.

There is an internal task (ABR-106383) aimed at improvements in the error messaging, however for Acronis Backup 12.5 only.

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Dear Ekaterina,

Thank you for your reply.

I am glad it was NOT an error that would indicate possibly defective backup files were generated.

Running a backup takes a lot of time and if all that time was spent with a result that was unusable or compromised, it would have been frustrating.

I will probably purchase 12.x when it is next on sale. Shifting versions is not always easy.

May I politely suggest for internal task (ABR-106383) aimed at improvements in the error messaging that the error messages clearly indicate whether the error is of the type that could mean a corrupted backup file was created or not. Also there should be a lookup table in the program to detail the possible sources of the error. It will make your job and the customer service representatives jobs easier if the customers can get more detailed information on the source of their problem before they contact Acronis.

Just sharing my thoughts with you.

Many Thanks

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You're always welcome to share your feedback with us! Valid points, indeed!