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How to check acronis 11.5 for linux lincense number?

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I have installed Acronis 11.5 on Linux (Red Hat), not in the GUI environment.
However, I have lost my Acronis license number because it has been too long since I did not manage it.
Is there any way for me to check the license number on the equipment?
I tried the following method, but there was no license text document in that folder.


Do you have the file in a different path?

I want to use a GUI or SSH remote access program, but due to security issues there, these can't be installed or used.

Is there a way to check using only the terminal?

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I figured out how to check some of the license numbers from the Acronis documentation.

I checked some of the license numbers using the acrocmd list licenses command.
But I need an overall license number.

Is there a way to check the entire license number using the acrocmd function?

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Hello Lemoning,

acrocmd list licenses should display all licenses assigned to a remote machine. Could you please elaborate on your request. 

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Hi, Ekaterina

It is installed standalone.
And when I type acrocmd list licenses, it looks like the attached image.
(The latter part of the license number is omitted.)

I want to see the full value of the license number.

Thank you.

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Hello Lemoning.

Please try:

acrocmd list licenses --output=raw

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Hello Maria.

With your help I was able to check the value I wanted.

Thank you.