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Question - Backup Speed

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I have a question regarding backup speed.

I have two devices that back up a similar capacity.

Both devices are using Acronis 11.7 (build 50073).

A device (DB Server) is a Linux environment, and it backs up about 760GB.
Device B (ERP Server) is a Windows environment, and it backs up about 785 GB.

The storage is using the same NAS device.

And the total backup time of these two devices is as follows.

Equipment A takes about 15 hours.
Equipment B takes about 2 hours.

Even though the capacity is similar, the difference in backup speed is very large.

What is the problem?
And what is the way to speed up backup of device A?

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Hello Lemoning.

Please check the network protocol that uses device A for connection to the NAS. It could be that device B uses smb3 when device A uses smb1.