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registering key

Thread needs solution
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I have purchased a renewal for my acronis cloud backup 1TB, and received a new key. i have tried to apply the key to my account online, i paste in the key and get the egg timer indefinetely. i receive an email saying that it has been applied to my account, but when i log back in to my account it still show the cloud subscription as expired.

The support telephone line is constantly engaged and the online chat says there is no one available... :(

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Hi Oliver!

I personally checked your account, everything looks fine now. Is your storage subscription finally ok?

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Hi Anton.

Yes thank you, the key now appears to have been applied to the account. That's great.

However the cloud backup now reports - Failed, write error. I guess because the subscription expired before the new key was applied.

Do i need to re-create the backup job?


1    Information    8/6/16 11:00:01 PM    Task 'Back up to 'Acronis Cloud'' changed its state from 'idle' to 'running'.

2    Information    8/6/16 11:00:01 PM    Task 'Back up to 'Acronis Cloud'' was started.

3    Information    8/6/16 11:00:34 PM    Backup deletion

4    Warning    8/6/16 11:02:30 PM    Write error.

Additional info:


Error code: 4

Module: 7

LineInfo: 9d2de1f088cbc4d7


Message: Write error.


Error code: 106

Module: 152

LineInfo: 3fd7f6d0cae56fa5

Fields:  RequestDescription :  ID=1162562868207671859 CreationTime=1470520950 IsStream=1 this=0x9e52b608 [N8AStorage11FesRequests10CreateFileE] Details= Name=AMB-Archive_2014_07_25_16_43_51_984D.TIB SampleSize=0 FirstSize=0 Offset=0 Limit=0

Message: Request result error


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Hello Oliver,

It's better to investigate this issue in the support ticket. And if you create a new backup, does the issue persist?