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SFTP Backup limitations

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Hi everyone, I want to know what's the maximum size of the disk or any folder which can be backed up using Acronis Backup Backup Advance(11.5 Update 6). I tried a 10GB folder and it was successful but I have a big data folder which is of 800GB and I need to save the backup on SFTP destination.

Let me know if I can do that because, when I increased the backup folder content from 10GB to 150GB it failed. There isn't any information available anywhere on the web for the maximum disk or folder size which can be backed up using SFTP. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hello Akhilesh,

Welcome to Acronis forums! Would you post the full text of the error message here? A backup job might be failing due to a timeout, or there might be a limitation on the data size configured in the settings of a target storage.