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SLES12 Backup Warning

Thread needs solution
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Running a backup job for a SLES12 Hyper-V VM.

The job finishes with warning:


Dateifilter werden nicht unterstützt.
Zusätzliche Info: 
Fehlercode: 47
Module: 7
Zeileninfo: a5695862aaf8e7e3
Felder:  volume : 0, fstype : LINUXSWAP, $module : disk_bundle_vs_50088
Nachricht: Dateifilter werden nicht unterstützt.



Any idea how to solve that?

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Hello Blubb,

welcome to Acronis forums!

This warning is related to LINUXSWAP file system limitation. It is a special file system designed to keep not files but raw data. Raw data are just kernel RAM pages temporarily saved to this file system. There are no files on it. That is why it is impossible to restore (exclude) files from it.

You may ignore this warning. Otherwise, you can either exclude this LINUXSWAP volume from a backup plan or disable a file exclusion option in order to avoid this warning.