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stop/start Acronis BU from the cmd window

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Trying to keep this brief. I run Acronis BU 11.7 and have done for several years. I have some fairly resource intensive applications running along with a screen recording application (Camtasia). During recordings I am regularly running into freeze events where the system bogs down. This causes the recording to get screwed up and freeze. Doing some investigations I am seeing two applications at the top of the resource list:

Acronis Managed Machine Service (32 bit)
Core Service Process (32 bit)

Both related to Acronis Backup 11.7.

I need to be able to turn off these (well, Acronis generally) for a short but fixed period each morning (say, 6-7AM) to minimize system resource conflicts.

I would like to create two batch files (start_Acronis and stop_Acronis) and associate them with scheduled events in Windows Scheduler. I can then briefly turn off Acronis in an automated manner each morning to prevent my issues.

Can you tell me what commands I need to use in the cmd window to stop/start the Acronis service??

Many thanks,

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I managed to find my answer and have stopped/started Acronis from the cmd line.

sc stop "MMS"
sc config "MMS" start= disabled


Posting this in the event it helps others needing to temporarily pause Acronis to prevent system resource issues.

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PaulC, thank you for taking the time to share the solution to your question!