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Tape looks empty after rescan it

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Hi guys, I´m getting some errors during duplication from disk to tape, one of the errors is Error code: 116 Module: 67 LineInfo: ba1336035c2a6288 Fields: id : F10D736C-3826-446A-8F13-0CB040C9B6AA, barcode : KU8144L7, label : Tape 22, $module : storage_server_vsa64_50230 Message: Information on tape 'Tape 22 (KU8144L7)' may have been changed. Please rescan the tape. -------------------- Error code: 13 Module: 4 LineInfo: 2c28140fee5ba6e6 Fields: $module : storage_server_vsa64_50230 Message: The file is corrupted. I already rescan the tape and in the "tape management" section I in see Occupied space 0 bytes but this tape has already some archives. Looks like everytime I rescan a tape, this tape is empty after the process. Please help me.

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Hello Andres,

thanks for posting on Acronis forums!

The initial error message could have arisen if you used this tape with another application or on another ASN.

What concerns the second problem with Occupied space 0 bytes, I have addressed it in the neighbor forum thread: