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Unable to Backup Windows 10

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I have two unmanaged vaults ( two Qnaps) with exact identical settings. however im unable to backup my windows 10 machines to Qnap-1, but i can back up a Windows 7 machine to Qnap 1. Also I can back up both Windows 10 and 7 to QNAP-2. so the issue is backing up Windows 10 machines to Qnap-1. i get the below error message when try to back up. so far tired reinstall the agent on the window 10 machines . resetting QNAP-1 and refomatting the storage folder( there is no existing XML files) and also deleted the existing backup plan and recreated. Any help with greatly be appreciate -------------------- Log Entry Details -------------------- Type: Error Date and time: 8/12/2019 12:13:55 AM Backup plan: Working Stations Backups Task: Full backup Managed entity type: [None] Managed entity: [None] Machine: (I deleted for security reason) Code: 20,250,685(0x135003D) Module: 309 Owner: Message: Command 'Running backup plan 'Working Stations Backups'' has failed. Additional info: -------------------- Error code: 61 Module: 309 LineInfo: 4a8728dc8a1c9510 Fields: $module : mms_vs_50088 Message: Command 'Running backup plan 'Working Stations Backups'' has failed. -------------------- Error code: 41 Module: 307 LineInfo: e6792a5ee190de98 Fields: $module : agent_protection_addon_vs_50088 Message: Failed to execute the command. -------------------- Error code: 33 Module: 307 LineInfo: 5d2a9295cc9442e0 Fields: $module : gtob_ensure_backup_invariants_command_addon_vs_50088 Message: EnsureBackupInvariantsCommand: Failed to prepare the location for the backup archive. -------------------- Error code: 2 Module: 154 LineInfo: 9a79f20828bca35 Fields: IsReturnCode : 1, $module : disk_bundle_vs_50088 Message: Location not found. -------------------- Error code: 2 Module: 154 LineInfo: 9a79f20828bca35 Fields: $module : disk_bundle_vs_50088 Message: Location not found. -------------------- Acronis Knowledge Base: Event code: 0x0135003D+0x01330029+0x01330021+0x009A0002+0x009A0002 --------------------

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Hello Dan Za,

welcome to Acronis forums!

According to the log file that you've shared, the destination - Qnap-1 is not available. Please check it's availability from Windows 10 machine under an account that launches this task and at the moment of the backup execution.

Your log also shows that you use an old build number 50088. Thus I recommend upgrading to the most current version available in your account to ensure your Acronis Backup is up-to-date and keep your environment protected:

Please also note that after May 31 Acronis will no longer provide product updates or technical support for environments running Acronis Backup 11.7: