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Windows account is intermittently locked.

Thread needs solution
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My client is using Acronis 11.7 Advanced version
About 50 to 60 agent devices are managed from one management console.

Windows account is sometimes locked out. For this reason, the backup fails or the vault authentication is broken.

This account is only an account with administrator rights for working with Acronis.
(The account is not used when doing anything other than Acronis.)

Account lockout could be confirmed in the following cases.

1. Most backup schedules run at dawn. And if I check the next morning, all backups have failed and my Windows account is locked.

2. When checking a large number of agent vaults on the console for inspection, the vault is not authenticated at some point. Checking the Windows account is locked. (After unlocking, I can authenticate and access normally.)

Why is my account locked out, and is there a way to prevent it?

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