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AB12 backup warnings after deleting VM

Thread needs solution
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I've started to see warnings in my AB12 backup reports.

The warnings go something like this:

The backup succeeded with the following warnings: 'The following items were not resolved: ('52CA8CCC-0ED4-1532-49E0-8FD8768A6161','mms::vm::machine') GXT: The item provider has skipped the report of an item with key '('52CA8CCC-0ED4-1532-49E0-8FD8768A6161','mms::vm::machine')'.' and 2 other warnings.

The warnings seemed to coincide with the deletion of a VM from one of my vCenter hosts, and I'm guessing the backup is still scheduled somewhere, and being attempted on the old schedule. Perhaps I should have removed the backup plan from the VM before I removed it, but it's too late for that :)

How can I resolve this issue? 









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Hi Neil,

In the described scenario I'm afraid the only way would be to delete the backup plan: assign it to some VM (if it was not assigned anywhere else besides the deleted one), and then delete, so that it will be removed from everywhere including the deleted VM which now produces warnings. As the result you will need to re-create this plan if required.

In the next updates we will be adding backup plans management section in the web console interface (internal ID of request: ABR-57835) from where such operations will be more consistent.

Thank you.

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I'm new to Acronis Backup 12 and I'd like to confirm the reported issue.

I've also applied a Backup Plan to my VMs, then deleted a VM on the ESXI host. I started getting same warnings and the Backup Plan get corrupted and could not be updated either.

Only way is to duplicate or create a new one.

Indeed, the interface to manage Backup Plans will be easier compared to browse the VM where its attached, it'll be more user friendly and easier to manage and maybe allowing us to remove the deleted VM from the plan (or a better way would be that Acronis automatically remove it when it detects it's no more on the Host..)