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Can't Create Bootable Media

Thread needs solution
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Installed Products - latest 64bit-Editions:
- Backup 12
- Disk Director 12

Creation of Bootable Media, which includes the above named products, will result in

Code: 262.161(0x00040011)
Zeileninfo: 0x89F41C0C69EEE6; Datei: k:\3622\builder\lib\basic_builder.cpp;
Funktion: BasicBuilder::LoadFile; Zeile: 182;

Modul: media_builder_vsa64_3622
Felder: name: bootwiz32.efi
Nachricht: Die spezifizierte Datei existiert nicht.

Help is appreciated - Thanks :-)

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Ralf,

This is a known issue with the media builder included in Acronis Disk Director 12 (internal bug ID is ABR-113312) - it's incompatible with Acronis Backup 12, so you should create 2 separate bootable media: 1 with Acronis Backup 12 and 1 with Acronis Disk Director 12. This problem will likely require an update of Acronis Disk Director 12 (which was update quite a while ago), and we plan it for the next year, though no exact date is defined yet.

Thank you.

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Hi Vasily,

thank you for your explanation und the quick response :-)