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Chang install path Acronis Backup Linux

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Hi, i am using Acronis Backup 12 on Red Hat 4. But my / iss almost full. How can i change path install of Acronis 12. Another prolem when i run Acronis is message Can not copy file. How can i fix it. Thank you so much

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Acronis Program Manager
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First of all to save space it makes sense to install only Acronis Backup Agent for Linux onto this machine, while the centralized Acronis Management Server should be installed somewhere else (on another Linux or Windows machine) - this would save a lot of space.

The next possible option to further reduce the space requirements is to create a symlink for /usr/lib/Acronis path which will point to another volume. OR you can create a new spare volume with enough free space and mount it under /usr/lib/Acronis .

Thank you.