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Deletion of backups, consolidation, and retention

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Web console service: v.12.0.2607

Backup management server: v.12.0.3622

Backup management console: v.12.0.6081

Even though I have turned OFF "Consolidate backups during cleanup", It appears the program ignores this feature and goes ahead and consolidates the backups that are subect to deletion based on my retention settings (30 days). 

This morning, when my incremental kicked off, the retention policy kicked in and has been running all day thereby, defeating my hourly backups.  Last month, to put an end to it, I had to restart the server, rename the backup folder and start all over.  Very frustrating.

Is there anyway to keep V12 from running the consolidation?  In version 11.7, I never had this issue, it would just delete teh backups that had been marked for deletion.

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Acronis Program Manager
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The behavior you describe is a bug which we've discovered recently (internal ID: ABR-114960) - it's planned to be fixed in the next update for Acronis Backup 12. The possible workaround for this issue is to use default "Always Incremental" backup archive format which does not require consolidation at all. This choice is available when you configure Schedule and select the backup scheme for _new_ backup plan (it's impossible to change the scheme in already applied plan).

Thank you.