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Encryption and Credentials

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Hey All,

I was hoping to get a better understanding of the Encryption capabilities and traffic flows of Acronis 12. We are currently utilizing Acronis 12 for Workstation and i have a few questions. 

Our setup: Acronis Backup On Premise Management Console Server, Acronis Agent Client Machines, SMB Share for Backup Storage. 

1. Is the communication from the Acronis Management Console Server to the Agent PC's encrypted? 

  • I notice that according to the online comparison guide that it mentions archive encryption in motion and at rest. I'm curious if the Encryption happens at the Acronis Agent PC for the backup file it creates and then sends that Encrypted file to the Backup storage, or if it the backup is sent to the storage and then encrypted? If it says that it provides encryption in motion i'm assuming the protocol used for transfering the file would be encrypted traffic and thus would like to know the protocol. 

2. How are the credentials that are entered in the Acronis Management Console sent to the Acronis Agent PC?

  • When configuring an Agent PC we enter the credentials for that PC that are stored somewhere (assuming on the Management Console Machine) and also specify the credentials for the Share that the backup needs to be sent to. I'm assuming that the Acronis Agent PC has to have those credentials for the backup and share somewhere on the pc to authenticate and transfer the backup to the final destination or is that all handled through the Acronis Management Console? 

Thanks for the help! 

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1. Communication between Acronis Management Server and Agent PC is encypted (we use curveCP).

Regarding backup encryption: agent encrypts backup and then sends encrypted backup to the backup storage.

2. Credentials are stored in the Acronis Management Server and in the Agent PC.

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Thank you, Ramil.

Regarding the Credentials is it safe to assume that they are encrypted at the Agent PC?