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Exchange 2010 backup successfully, but log does not truncate

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Customer try backup as "always incremental", "full with incremental" and "full only" backup scheme for their exchange 2010 backup virtual machine with application awareness enabled. All backup are perform successfully but the transaction log for the exchange server still not truncate and the "last full backup"

record in exchange server are not recorded.

After that customer use their old Symantec BE15 installed in same server to perform a full backup the exchange server, backup success with the transaction log truncate successfully, and also exchange server does record this backup in "last full backup".

Since all backup are done successfully, so we have no logs or report for investigation.

Any idea ?



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Acronis Program Manager
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The behavior you describe is a bug which we've recently discovered (internal ID: ABR-113464) and plan to fix in the next updates. The transaction logs for Exchange 2010 and 2013 are not properly truncated if the backup is performed in agent-less mode (via Agent for VMware) with application protection enabled.

The workaround is to install Agent for Exchange (and thus Agent for Windows) inside the VM and back it up as physical machine therefore. After you install the agent this machine will appear twice in the devices list in Acronis Backup 12 web console interface (once as VM and once as machine with agent inside) - you'll need to select the one without VMware icon on it. In this case with application protection enabled the transaction logs will be properly truncated, just remember to enable "VSS Full Backup" in the backup plan options.

Thank you.

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Dear Vasily,

Actually i have install the Exchange agent in that mail VM server. I am asking customer to uninstall the BE2015 in that VM and repair the Acronis agent.