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The following quota is reached * Number of protected virtual machines

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Doing some compatibility testing, so got a 1 Server, 1 Workstation license for Acronis Backup 12.

Put it on one machine. This machine is the only one listed in the Backup Monitor Managemant Console.

However when trying to configure the backup, we get the following:

Error The following quota is reached for 'Dtex Systems': Number of protected virtual machines

Do we need two licenses for this to work?

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Hi Jeff,

it looks like you want to do a Cloud backup (quota is mentioned). For Cloud (or online) backup you would need additional Cloud Storage.

You can always backup to local storage without further licenses (depends on your license, perpetual or subscription).

Please also see 58279: Acronis Backup 12: Licensing for reference.

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I've found the records about your purchased licenses (registered under your colleague account) and these licenses are _perpetual_ ones, which means that you cannot use cloud management console ( to manage backups - this option is available with _subscription_ licenses only, so this explains why you get the quotas error (in such cases quotas are set to 0, so no cloud-management operations are available). It's still strange how you got access to the cloud console, since I've additionally checked the workflows and links available from your acronis account management ( - they all lead to on-premise installation packages. In other words you need to download Acronis Backup 12 installer, install it in your environment and then use this locally installed web console (you will get the URL after the installation) to manage your backups.

Thank you.