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Acronis Backup 12.5 backup file sporadically gets corrupted / unable to open corrupted backup

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I am testing Acronis Backup 12.5 Build: 11010 over SFTP to backup storage.

I noticed that performing scheduled backups sporadically file gets corrupted and all consequetive backup jobs fail being unable to continue write to corrupted file.

I was also unable to delete only the last failed backup snapshot since Acronis Backup is unable to open corrupted file reporting the error. The only solution is to delete corrupted backup file completely. This will allow to backup correctly, while loosing all previous backup snapshots.

Do we have a tool to open/fix corrupted backup file? 

Is it a known issue with AB 12.5 version 11010 or if any additional logs or traces should be setup in order to identify the root cause of the issue to be corrected?   

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Hello Andrey,

such issues as why a backup gets corrupted and the whole archive cannot be open and why the corrupted should be investigated by support engineers/developers. Please collect Acronis System Report from the machine with Agent which backup gets corrupted and also export this backup plan, then please share this data with Acronis Support Team