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Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 1 HF1 is available!

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Dear Acronis Community,

please be informed that Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 1 HF1 has been released.

Build number: 7970

All installers and documentation are available here.

This update brings bugfixes for different issues and introduces RHEL 7.4 and Linux kernel 4.13 support.

Issues fixed in build 7970:

Installation and upgrade

  • [ABR-138006] Installation of Acronis Backup fails if the root certificate check fails. The following error appears: "Error 0xfff0: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority."

Solution: The certificate check can now be skipped during installation.

  • [ABR-131248] Links to the 32-bit installer are broken on the instructions page when trying to install Agent for Windows remotely to a 32-bit machine from Acronis Management Server running on a 64-bit machine.


  • [ABR-137070] Backup via acrocmd of a remote machine booted under WinPE-based bootable media fails. The following error appears: "Not enough privileges to perform the operation with the disks. The 'Backup files and directories' (SeBackupPrivilege) and 'Restore files and directories' (SeRestorePrivilege) privileges are required."
  • [ABR-137061] In some cases, logs of backup replication plans may contain credentials for the source or target backup location in plain text.
  • [ABR-135566] Backup to a location managed by Acronis Storage Node fails. The following error appears: "The locations are not initialized yet. Please try again later after the storage node is completely initialized." After that, the mms.exe process crashes.
  • [ABR-135267] After an EFI machine running Windows 10 is recovered and booted, an additional second boot option appears unexpectedly.
  • [ABR-134448] A hidden network share cannot be saved as a backup source in a backup plan: the Items to back up field remains empty.

Roles and units management

  • [ABR-138229] Active Directory user accounts with the Display name value set in a non-English language are shown as "???? ????" in the backup console when adding unit administrators.

Active Protection

  • [ABR-136876] In some cases, Active Protection activities are shown with the "UNTRANSLATED" summary in the backup console.
  • [ABR-135331] After applying an Active Protection plan, an unexpected "Active Protection service is not running" alert may appear in the backup console

Full release notes can be found here: English, Japanese

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