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Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 2 HF1 has been released!

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Hello Everyone,

please be informed that Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 2 HF1 has been released.

Build number: 9010

All installers and documentation are available here:

Issues fixed in build 9010:

Installation and upgrade

  • [TTASK-21608] Acronis Management Server service may fail to start after an update from build 7970 or higher.
  • [ABR-148800] Acronis Management Server or Agent for Windows are not installed onto a read-only domain controller under Windows.


  • [ABR-150369] Acronis Scheduler service occasionally crashes on build 8850.
  • [ABR-148883] Browsing an SMB share from Acronis bootable media or via Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) fails if credentials are not provided in the [hostname OR domain]\[User name] format. The error message now clearly indicates that credentials must be provided in the [hostname OR domain]\[User name] format.
  • [ABR-148528] The Apply RAID/LVM option is missing from the recovery wizard in the Acronis bootable media environment when restoring backup of a Linux machine which contains LVM volumes.
  • [ABR-142668] Microsoft Surface Pro tablets devices go into sleep mode during backup despite the enabled Prevent the sleep or hibernate mode during backup option in the Schedule settings of a backup plan.

Acronis Storage

  • [ABR-145706] Backup to or browsing of a backup location on Acronis Storage fails with the "The agent's credentials are missing" message after an update from build 7970 or older builds.


  • [ABR-150456] Conversion of a backup taken from a Windows 10/2012 R2 EFI physical machine into a Hyper-V VM produces a non-bootable VM ("NTLDR is missing" error).
  • [ABR-149798] vSphere VM replication activity hangs at 10% and produces the "One or more required subsystems failed to initialize" error in some cases.
  • [ABR-149413] Conversion into Hyper-V or ESXi VM fails with the "Cannot copy the disk because the available size of the target disk ({0, size}) is less than the required size ({1, size})" error if the backup contains an EFI machine inside and was taken via Agent for Windows/Linux.

Acronis Notary (ASign)

  • [ABR-147778] The "Service is unavailable" error appears when verifying files that were backed up with the notarization enabled.

(!) Live Update will be enabled for this build.

Full release are available here: English, Japanese

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